Wash and Fold Laundry Service

Premium Wash and Fold Laundry Services for Busy Cincinnati Families

If you can’t empty your laundry basket, Widmer’s Cleaners will do it for you!

Laundry is a fairly easy chore, especially if you don’t really mind folding all of your clothes and have your own washing machine. After all, you just have to collect your dirty clothes, throw them in the wash, let them run, then transfer them to the dryer afterward. After that, it’s just a matter of folding and putting everything away.

But every time you have to do it (it doesn’t matter if it’s on weekdays or weekends) it feels like a nagging obligation that hangs over your head. Does that sound like how you feel about laundry?

If you do, our wash and fold laundry service in Cincinnati, OH is just what you need to finally free yourself from the constant demands of laundry chores. Widmer’s Cleaners will take the entire burden off your shoulders. You simply schedule a convenient pick-up, and we handle everything from sorting and cleaning to drying and folding with meticulous care.

Why Choose Widmer’s Cleaners Wash and Fold Laundry Service?

There is nothing like the smell and feel of fresh, clean clothes, and giving you just that is our specialty here at Widmer’s Cleaners. Whether you simply need help with a few loads when you’re in Cincinnati for a short visit, or you want to stop doing laundry, we can help!

Expert Laundry Care

At Widmer’s Cleaners, we bring years of experience and expertise to every wash and fold job. Our laundry professionals are trained to handle all types of fabrics and garments with care and precision. From delicate linens to your everyday clothing, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results every time.

Peace of Mind with Every Wash

We understand that trusting someone else with your laundry needs can be a big decision. But here at Widmer’s Cleaners, know that our team meticulously follows the care labels on your clothes to ensure your dirty laundry are cleaned and dried appropriately.

Free Pick-up and Delivery Service Across Cincinnati

Forget the hassle of dropping off your laundry and picking them up again the following day. Our free pick-up and delivery in the greater Cincinnati, OH area will eliminate that hassle for you. Our team will pick up your laundry directly from your doorstep and deliver it back neatly folded and ready to wear.

What Items We Wash and Fold

Widmer’s Cleaners accepts a wide variety of washable clothing and household items for convenient cleaning and folding. Most of the items we handle include:

Everyday Clothing

• Shirts (dress shirts, t-shirts, polos)
• Pants (jeans, dress pants, sweatpants)
• Shorts
• Skirts
• Dresses
• Undergarments (socks, boxers, bras)
• Activewear (leggings, gym clothes)
• Sleepwear (pajamas, robes)

Household Items

• Sheets (twin, full, queen, king)
• Pillowcases
• Blankets (lightweight)
• Towels (bath towels, hand towels, washcloths)
• Tablecloths (depending on material)

Please note: While we accept a wide range of washable garments, some items may require special care and are not included in our Wash and Fold service. These typically include delicate fabrics, heavily soiled items, or garments requiring dry cleaning. If you have any questions regarding specific items, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance!

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Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule your next pick-up. Let us make your laundry experience hassle-free and convenient!

Our Promise to You



Widmer’s Cleaners will clean your order & return it to you in as little as 24 hours.

Top Rated

Widmer’s Cleaners has the highest Google ratings of any dry cleaner in the Cincinnati area.


We'll meet you at your home, office, or our retail store. We meet you on your schedule.

High Quality

We hire the best textile experts, so you'll know you're always getting the best clean.


How often can I schedule a pick-up?

We pick up and deliver to our service areas in Ohio two times a week.

How long does the wash and fold service take?

Our typical turnaround time is 24-48 hours. In some cases, we may be able to accommodate expedited service for an additional fee. Please inquire about rush options when scheduling your pickup.

Is your wash and fold service available for commercial laundry?

Yes, we offer commercial laundry services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, spa, or office, we can handle your laundry needs with efficiency and professionalism.

Can I specify special instructions for my laundry?

Absolutely! We welcome any special instructions or preferences you may have. Whether it’s a particular detergent, fabric softener, or folding technique, just let us know, so that our laundry specialists can accommodate your request.

Do I need to be around when you pick up and deliver?

No, you don’t have to. We’ll give you a free laundry bag. For your first order, just attach your name and leave it in a plastic bag at your front door, back door or garage.

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