Carpet is here to stay

Despite the resurging popularity of hardwood floors in recent years, carpet remains a steadfast fixture of comfort and style in most American homes. Carpet’s softness, warmth, endless variety of colors, piles, textures and even sizes (such as carpet tiles) ensure its longevity as a desired feature in their overall home’s design.

More than one type of clean

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Cincinnati, you probably never realized that there is more than one option. Most people assume that steam cleaning is the only kind of professional carpet cleaning that is available. Depending what kind of carpet you have, the method of cleaning will vary.

There are three main types of carpet cleaning

  1. Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning – This type of carpet cleaning is ideal for families with highly trafficked carpet that can quickly become soiled by children and pets. This method uses controlled pressure, extremely hot water, and gentle yet effective cleaning agents (that are child and pet safe) to remove deep, ground in dirt and bacteria. Your carpet is normally dry overnight, and this is the most recommended method by carpet manufacturers.
  2. Low Moisture/Dry Carpet Cleaning – To minimize the amount of moisture in the carpet, some homeowners opt for dry carpet cleaning instead. This method, called “encapsulation”, uses a dry foam that is worked into the carpet fibers by a special agitation machine. Dirt, debris, spills, bugs, and microbial growth are “encapsulated” and brought to the carpet surface, where the foreign matter is crystallized. When dry (after a few hours), it is simply vacuumed away. This type of carpet cleaning is suitable for busy people who need a good carpet clean but have limited time.
  3. Tru Dri Carpet Cleaning – This entirely unique process is dry from start to finish. It is also a “greener” alternative to achieving a cleaner carpet than other methods. A naturally derived plant based cleaning agent is used with a custom agitation mechanism to extract all soil, dirt, and spills out of your carpet. Since there is no drying time, you can enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet immediately, and it is completely safe for kids and pets.

Trust your carpet to the experts – Best Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati Ohio

There are many companies you can call to clean your carpet. Widmer’s has been leading the way in both superior quality and carpet cleaning innovation for over 100 years. True customer satisfaction and going above and beyond your expectations has and always will be our greatest trademark.

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