clean carpetAn area rug is a significant investment, so making sure your investment lasts as long as possible just makes sense. Follow this ultimate guide on how to maintain your area rugs and carpets and your investment should pay off with a long, useful life.


The easiest step you can take to maintain carpet and area rugs is to vacuum it regularly. High traffic areas such as hallways should be vacuumed twice a week while out of the way areas should be done once a week.

Why is vacuuming important? Most people think the reason is the removal of dirt. While this is certainly an issue, the real reason is weekly vacuuming removes grit and other items near the base of the carpet hairs. If these are not removed, they can fray or cut the hairs as those hairs move when someone walks across the floor. To effectively remove the debris, it is important to vacuum each area of carpet multiple times and to move the vacuum slowly when doing so.


The fear of any homeowner is to have a liquid spilled onto their carpet and area rugs hich leaves a stain. The good news is most carpets and area rugs are designed to be spill resistant these days. Having said this, you still need to take action to remove the spill before it leaves the dreaded stain.

The first step is to act with haste. The longer you wait, the more likely it is the spill will soak into the hairs of the carpet. Even though others might not notice it, you will each and every time you walk by it.

When attacking the spill, there is a tendency to want to rub the carpet to get the liquid out. This is a major mistake. Rubbing the spill will spread it through the base of the carpet and the liquid will wick up through the hairs. The end result is a bigger stain.

A better approach is to blot the liquid. Don’t pound on the carpet. Just dab it. The liquid will be soaked up into the towel naturally. Use the same type of pressure you would when using a sponge to blot up a spill on a table and you should get most of the liquid.

Of course, blotting will not remove all the spilled liquid. Given this, the next step is to use a cleaning agent to pull the stain out. Cleaning agents react differently to different carpets. While they will not ruin your carpet, they can lighten the color. Whenever you purchase a cleaning product for a carpet, make sure to test it in a non-descript corner to make sure using it will not create a bigger problem than the original spill. If things look good, simply follow the directions on the product and your carpet should be good to go.

Deep Cleaning

If you take nothing else from this ultimate guide on how to maintain your carpet, make sure you set up a regular schedule for vacuuming your carpet. Having said this, every carpet will sooner or later need a deep cleaning. This typically occurs when you notice the carpet kicking up significant amounts of dust when someone walks across it or if the carpet develops an almost sticky feel. If you notice either condition, it is time for a deep cleaning.

The following are the services offered by Widmers Cleaners:

  • Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning/Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
  • Tru Dri Cleaning

You can check out these types of carpet cleaning methods.

There you have it. If you follow the three steps in this ultimate guide on how to maintain your carpet, you should see your carpet last for decades and look good while doing so.

Widmer’s Area Rug Cleaning Process

Our modern area rug cleaning facility is the largest in Cincinnati. If your rug needs repair in addition to cleaning, our rug experts can do binding, fringing, and serging to restore your rug to original condition. During our painstaking eight-step process, we inspect, vacuum, and inspect again. Then, we put your rug through our Mor Cleaning machine (the only one of its kind in Cincinnati) inspect once more, and then place the rug in our large drying room. To ensure the rugs dry completely, the temperature is maintained between 115-122 degrees F. Thorough drying blocks mold and mildew growth, and keeps colors true. We do a final inspection of your rug and wrap it for convenient delivery back to your home.

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