yay-812473Caring for your leather shoes will add more comfort and longevity if it is performed properly. The idea is not only about maintaining a pristine appearance on your leather shoes, which is rationale enough for tending to them, but leather shoe upkeep is also about maintaining and adding to their durability. Apart from the amount you spend on your shoes, leather looks better with age if it is taken care of adeptly.

Naturally, some leathers are of a better quality than others. Ironically, the price of leather has very little to do with its upkeep. A cheaper pair of leather shoes requires the same tender care as a pricier pair. Some people assert, “caring for my leather shoes takes too much time.” However, this is not the case if they are taken care of on a regular basis, requiring only a few minutes of exertion. Besides, keeping the leather shoes you have in good condition is cost-effective and you eliminate the need to purchase new shoes for every event.

The Best Way to Care for your Leather Shoes

There are weighty discrepancies regarding caring for smooth leather shoes and nu-buck, exotic skins, athletic, and suede shoes. The ensuing overall instructions are pertaining to smooth leather shoes.


  • Remove the laces from your shoes. By utilizing a soft bristled brush, gently brush away surface dirt and dust.
  • Placing one hand beneath the flap to maintain stability, apply an appropriate saddle soap or cleaner, covering the leather parts of your shoe with your other hand.
  • Soothingly administer the cleaner into the skin. Be mindful of any noticeable apparent marks or scuffs.
  • Allow to dry around 20 minutes before you begin polishing.


  • Conditioning moisturizes your shoes, which can desiccate overtime. To avert crinkling and peeling, pat a small amount of leather conditioner on a non-abrasive cloth and softly massage the entire shoe in a round motion.
  • Select a polish that matches the color of your shoe. Professionals suggest using a lanoline-based beeswax sheen that mollifies and safeguards simultaneously.
  • Remove surplus polish with a non-abrasive soil-free cloth and commence to buffing your shoe. Nylon fabrics work especially well. Some people even use panty hose!


  • A water resistant spray is indispensable and a fail-safe means of safeguarding your leather shoes against various weather conditions.
  • You will have more success prior to weatherproofing your shoes if you apply a warm sponge to increase absorption. The mild heat will improve the porosity of the leather.
  • Use only breathable, water-based repellents, they are better equipped at permitting surplus humidity to disperse for malleable, super-soft shoes.


  • Quality shoetrees are a valuable asset. Unfinished cedar would be the best choice since it blocks unpleasant odors and soaks up moisture.
  • After removing your leather shoes, fill the toe of your shoe with butter-paper, and then tie them up on your shoetree straight away.
  • Habitual use of a shoetree will keep your leather shoes original form and will substantially reduce creases and shrinkage.

Additional Tip

Keeping leather shoes in tip-top condition can be time consuming for some, while other leather shoe wearers prefer professionals to do the work. Either way, hiring an expert to keep your shoes in pristine condition is a worthwhile investment. You are then guaranteed that your shoes will be suitably protected and while continuing to look their finest.

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