Table linens are expensive and fancy and many of us only use them for those very special occasions. It just makes sense that you would want to keep your best linens in top condition, crisply pressed and ready for your next dinner event. After all, table linens are a nice way to make your dinner guests feel special and welcome, so you want to keep them clean and new looking.

The truth is that no matter how careful your guests are; someone always manages to spill something onto your table linens, whether it is red wine, coffee, grease, gravy or another substance. Once you are over the initial shock of the spill, you may be left wondering how you can get those stains out or if you will simply have to discard those linens. Can you ever get your table linens looking brand new again?

One really great option is to pack up all of your linens and bring them to Widmer’s Dry Cleaners. We can restore your table linens to their original new looking condition free of stains and any other marks. A word of caution – if you try to remove stains at home you may end up making them worse. It is best to leave this to the professionals; we have many years of experience in the restoration of table linens to make them look new once again.

When a spill happens, make sure that you follow these simple tips help to maximize the chances of us being able to remove stains and spills from your linens:

  • Do not apply a stain remover to your table linens because not all stain removers work for every type of stain. In fact, some stains will have a different reaction to stain removers and this may cause the stain to become set into your linens. Don’t believe those stories that pouring white wine onto red wine will remove the red wine stain. Your result will simply be a larger stain that is still a stain that needs to be removed.
  • Don’t wait to bring your table linens to us; we will have more success with stain removal before the stain dries and sets in your table linens.

It is always a person’s first reaction to rub the stain with a cloth of some type. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make because it can damage to the finish of your linen as well as the fibers of the material. Once something is spilled it must be dabbed carefully with a white cloth. Simply dab that spill bring your linens to us as soon as you can and we will work to restore your table linens to like new condition.

We have dealt with many tons of linens over the years and we are proud to say that we can often restore your linens to new looking condition when you bring them to us. You will be extremely pleased when you pick up your items after they have been restored to as new condition, ready for your next formal occasion. We also offer carpet cleaning in Cincinnati.