The safest method to clean a pillow is based on the type of filling.

Some Types of Pillow Filling
  • down
  • foam chips
  • polyester fiberfill
Polyester Fiberfill and Foam chip Pillows
It is best to launder or remove filling and replace the ticking from pillows with Fiberfill filling. Foam chips can crumble and harden with time so it is best not to try to clean fiberfill and foam chip pillows.
Down Pillows

Down-filled pillows can be cleaned using a pillow machine. The down is first removed from the ticking and put into a pillow machine. The down is sometimes deodorized with ozone or sanitized with ultraviolet light. The feathers are then blown from the pillow machine into a new ticking and additional feathers may be added to fill out the pillow.

Washing down pillows can present several problems. The fabric ticking may be too fragile to handle the agitation of washing and tumble drying or so soiled it would be best to replace it. Often the ticking is sized with water-sizings. These sizings help hold the down in the ticking. If the sizing is removed in washing, feathers may leak out.

Widmer’s dry cleaning services inspects pillows before they are cleaned and we will let you know if we can’t clean your pillows.  

Trust us with your clothing and pillows and you will see why “Widmer’s Means Clean!”

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