WidmersIn a down economy, everyone is looking for the “extras” to cut from the family budget: eating out, going to the movies, and perhaps the monthly salon visit. Sometimes, the normal dry-cleaning budget gets slashed as well, or at least reduced. Some garments have to be dry-cleaned, but most work wear can be washed on the gentle cycle, fluff dried and pressed at home. This seems like a smart way to save an extra $50 or so a month, so why wouldn’t it be a workable solution long term?

Your Time is Worth Money Outside of Work

One point to make is that your time is valuable. Let’s face it – the time we have to spend with family and friends is limited, often overshadowed by work demands and tight schedules. Doing laundry is a drudgery, and is a chore that can take up your entire day. Then there’s the ironing. Traipsing up and down the stairs, struggling with the old ironing board, waiting for the iron to heat up, and then having to press a basketful of laundry does not appeal to anyone with better things to do. Is it really worth all that hassle just to save a few dollars each month?

Your Clothes Will Last Longer

When you have your garments professionally cleaned and pressed, they aren’t exposed to the fiber-wearing agitation of the washing machine, and thus will look newer, longer. Their colors will be brighter, and you will actually save money by not having to purchase clothes as often. You can update your look by simply swapping out your accessories to stay on trend and fashionable.

Closet Organization is Easier with Professionally Cleaned Clothing

When you pick up your dry-cleaning, your clothes are neatly hung and protected with a plastic cover. If opting for the “doing it yourself” route, you may not always have time to wash, dry, and press your clothes all in the same day. This means when getting ready for work or other activities, you have to once again drag the ironing board out of the closet, turn on the iron, and take at least 15 minutes or longer to press your garments free of wrinkles. To have to go through that routine every single day is exhausting, frustrating, and counterproductive. In addition, unpressed clothes are bulkier and take up more space in your closet than neatly pressed ones. This allows you more room for shoes or other items that may have to live under the bed or elsewhere because of limited space in your closet.

Professionally Cleaned and Pressed Clothes Exude Confidence

Having crisply pressed and professionally cleaned clothes gives you an extra edge of confidence about your appearance, whether at work, religious services, or just running errands. Everyone wants to look their best. Wearing pilled sweaters, skirts or pants with wrinkles, or garments showing signs of wear from machine washing gives people an impression that you are not on top of your game. It may be a small investment each month to have most of your clothing dry-cleaned, but the saved time and hassle, neat storage and the knowledge that you look your best is worth it.

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