Protect Your Investment with Care

Some ladies will opt to sell their gowns after they are worn, some will donate them for a charitable cause, and some will choose to keep them for sentimentality’s sake. If you decide to hold on to your gown, you will want to have it professionally preserved to protect it from deterioration and environmental factors that can affect its condition. After all, you have probably invested several hundred, if not thousands of dollars in your dress, and you will not want to skimp when it comes to capturing its beauty and form in your own boxed time capsule.

Preserving Your Gown’s Integrity

The first step in preserving your gown is to have it thoroughly inspected for any missing beading, spots, tears, or loose threads. This means selecting a gown preservation service that specializes in fine garment restoration, They should also be familiar with handling delicate fabrics such as silk taffeta, chiffon, antique lace appliqués, and hand beading. Repairs should be made first to the gown before the cleaning process begins.

Cleaning Your Gown According to its Specifications

Next, your gown will need a thorough cleaning. Stains, sweat, and dirt should be spot cleaned if necessary. Your gown should be handled by experts that can apply any method of cleaning such as spot, wet, or dry cleaning, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Solvents designed to be gentle on fragile fabrics should be used, and a spot tested beforehand if there is any question about compromising your gown’s integrity by using certain chemicals.

Boxing Your Gown

The final phase of gown preservation is the boxing process. Only acid-free, museum quality materials should be used to ensure your gown’s protection from age, dust, insects, sun, and other environmental risks. Your gown should be boxed on a cardboard bust form, not a hangar, to preserve its shape, as well. Once your gown is boxed and preserved, you should store it in a safe, dry, and cool place away from direct sunlight and without objects on top of it. Ideally, you should store any metal bridal accessories or jewelry (like a tiara) apart from your gown, to avoid any metallurgical reactions of the gown’s fabric.

Choose an Expert in Gown Preservation

Most important, be sure to trust your gown only to a specialist in gown preservation. This means a service with a long history of satisfied customers and expert knowledge in garment restoration. Call and ask questions beforehand about their process, timeline, rates, and your expectations.

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Widmer’s Cleaners has over 100 years of gown preservation experience. Our unique preservation process ensures your gown’s beauty and integrity for many years to come. 

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