Dry Cleaning Tips

  • Clean out of season garments before storing. Store them in a dry, climate controlled place out of direct light.
  • Do not apply water or liquid to attempt to remove stains in dry clean only fabrics. Gently blot the area, rubbing can cause fabric damage and color loss.
  • Read labels on over the counter stain treatments. Many are not safe to use on dry clean only fabrics.
  • Use caution when applying deodorant, cologne or perfume and hair products. Many contain alcohol which can remove color. Color loss may not become evident until after cleaning.
  • Read care labels when purchasing formalwear. Many garments with beads and special trim must be spot cleaned only.
  • Always clean items as quickly as possible, especially items with spots or stains.
  • Save money by using our press-only service. We can press your clean garments for half the cost of our cleaning charges.
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