A professional seamstress or tailor is available at each Widmer’s location.alterations-widmers-cleaners

Altering Your Clothing

Widmer’s can alter almost any clothing item, to any length or any width you desire. Our staff has fit thousands of customers over the years and would love to help you with your alterations. Contact a store manager to set up an appointment to have you fitted.


Most of your better clothing can be repaired, so call us before you decide to throw it out . We’ll give you an estimate and then you can make your decision.  Everyday our alterations staff makes ripped and torn clothing look like new.

Alterations Widmers Cleaners

Examples of Our Alteration Services

  • Replace zippers
  • Reline coats, pants and shorts
  • Shorten and lengthen sleeves
  • Remove and add cuffs.
  • Alter wedding dresses
  • Take in and let out waistbands
  • Add or replace buttons and snaps
  • Lower collars
  • Add zippers
  • Raise shoulders
  • Add shoulder pads
  • Turn collars and cuffs
  • Alter leathers and fur
  • Replace elastic
  • Taper slacks and trousers
  • Replace and add pockets
  • Attach emblems, school letters and patches
  • Repair and replace blanket binding
  • Alter curtains to fit new rods
  • Rework button holes

PICK-UP AND DELIVERY – Call (513) 321-5100 – OR – Bring Your Clothing to Any of Our Locations!