Fabritec_Sweaters2Dry cleaning is one of two clothes cleaning options.

Generally, clothes made of fabrics as well as those made of other material are often subjected to dry cleaning rather than traditional cleaning methods. Dry cleaning uses solvents instead of water to wash clothes. Normally, this is regarded as an effective way for the fatty stains to be removed without having the garment shape changed or even affecting the color of the material. Clean it before you store it is a great solution to storage since it helps you take care of your laundry.

Generally, the dry cleaning process involves the utilization of certain special laundry cleaners and solutions to get rid of stains as well as dirt from your clothes. In manual clothes cleaning, different stains sometimes cannot be removed. Usually these stains are completely removed using special cleaning solvents. Moreover, the dry cleaning service has professionals who have a vast knowledge of different fabrics and their care. Therefore, they take really good care of your laundry.

There are numerous dry cleaning services available. Here are some of the benefits to dry cleaning:

It Is Convenient

Definitely, it takes a shorter time for the clothes to be done compared to the traditional laundry cleaning. For instance, you leave home for a dry cleaning service and come back with the clothes done. Also, the professional dry cleaner not only cleans your clothes but also irons them for you removing all the wrinkles. This helps save you time for other tasks.

Stain Removing

Stains that cannot be eliminated by the manual cleaning method can easily be eliminated by dry cleaning. This is the best alternative when it comes to stain removal. The dry cleaning service ensures that your clothes are stain free.

Odor Removing

Some odors often become difficult to remove. Using traditional laundry cleaning, you must wash  your clothes several times in order to remove certain odors such as smoke. The dry cleaners usually have processes that can do this for you even if the odors are strong.

No Water

Generally, when you have your clothes cleaned with water, colors run and fabrics shrink or break down. However, the dry cleaning service comes to your rescue making the clothes restore their original color as well as texture. This ensures that you aren’t disappointment when your clothes loose their shape or shrink.


Widmer’s dry cleaning services inspects your clothing before it is cleaned and alerts you when we see something that needs to be repaired before cleaning.  Widmer’s can repair your clothing, and for instances of serious damage, we can restore your clothing with our garment restoration services

Trust us with your clothing and you will see why “Widmer’s Means Clean!”

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