Are you a person who already knows the best places to find good shoes in Cincinnati, OH? If so, you probably have it on your mind to take good care of the leather shoes you buy. Good shoes can make the average look extraordinary. They can give you confidence, whether you’re going to work or out for a night on the town. Well-crafted shoes are an investment not just in your wardrobe, but in yourself as well.

Why Regular Shoe Cleaning Is Important

Let’s face it: while good shoes don’t have to cost a fortune, they don’t usually come cheap. That’s because it takes time and skill to craft a well designed shoe that will both conform to its owners feet and last for years. Each of us has a slightly different footfall, and our unique strides create stress on different parts of our shoes. Well made shoes will handle the each foot strike without fraying or coming apart. It makes sense that people want to take care of good shoes by getting a regular shoe shine.

Regular shoe shining will preserve your shoes and keep the leather moisturized. And while you can buy shoe shine kits for the home, most wardrobe experts say a regular cleaning done by a professional is best. They have both the knowledge and the right tools for getting the job done quickly and easily. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your shoes in-between having a professional shoe shine. The better you are at caring for your good quality leather shoes, the longer they will last and the better they will look.

Steps In A Quality Shoe Shine

If you’ve never had a professional shoe shine you might be fascinated by the quality of care that is taken. At one time, shoe shine stations were common in big cities. For a while they all but disappeared, much to the chagrin of people who love the impression that clean, shiny shoes make.

There are some areas where professional shoe shining is making a comeback. Experts say this might be due to the economy. Folks are realizing the importance of making expensive items last as long as possible, and regular shoe shining is one of the best ways to keep leather shoes beautiful and supple for years to come.

Clean Thoroughly

Cleaning is the first step in a shoe shine. Dirt, mud and salt is usually removed via brush or soft, microfiber cloth. This process might take a little longer during the winter months, when there are more contaminants stuck to the shoe. It’s an important process no matter what time of year it is, and care should be taken to thoroughly clean the entire shoe.


Some people go right from cleaning to applying polish, but conditioning the shoe is a good idea if the leather is still a little stiff. Conditioning will make the leather supple and will also add a deep, eye-catching gloss.

Apply Polish

Quality polish should be applied with a shoe shine brush. The polish should be applied all over the shoe, including the seams. It should then be left to dry, which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. Once it’s dry, most of it should be removed with a brush. It’s fine if a small film of polish remains on the shoe.

Time To Buff

Finally, the shoe should be buffed with a clean cloth or cotton swab. Particular attention should be paid to the heels and toes. Buffing will bring out a rich, natural shine that will last for quite a while. It is what makes good shoes look great, and why having a professional shoe shine is such a good idea.