Widmer's door (640x427)As you ramp up your spring cleaning, it’s tempting to use attic storage space for your clothing. That makes perfect sense, as long as you know what clothing you should NEVER store in the attic and how to store the clothing that is there.

1. Clothing that is very important to you should never be stored in the attic. Extreme heat and cold is an obvious concern, along with moths, dust, dust mites, and other pests. Whether it’s a child’s ballet costume that brings back memories, or your wedding dress, find another spot. Some items are too valuable to take chances.

2. Leather and animal fur clothing should likewise never be store in the attic, because the space is difficult to seal and difficult to ventilate properly. Clothing will become stale smelling and lose it’s luster.

3. Very expensive or designer clothing should not be stored in the attic for the reasons stated above.

If you do store clothing in the attic, follow these guidelines.

  • Wrap every item in plastic to protect it from moisture. Vacuum sealed storage bags are a good option.
  • Use a storage trunk, plastic tote or a portable closet, to protect clothing from pests and direct sunlight.
  • If your storage container is not transparent, write down which items are stored where, so you’ll know how to find the right item in a hurry.
  • If you are storing clothing for children to use in the future, mark each tote or container with the size, gender and season of clothing it contains (ie size 4 boys winter).

If you have clothing that’s in good condition that you no longer want, consider consigning it with a reputable consignment store, to reclaim a portion of your clothing investment.

Alternately there are dozens of organizations that can put your donated clothing to good use to help your less fortunate neighbors.

Take proper precautions and you can safely store your clothing for years, making the most of your family’s wardrobe investment.


Widmer’s dry cleaning services inspects your clothing before it is cleaned and alerts you when we see something that needs to be repaired before cleaning.  Widmer’s can repair you clothing, and for instances of serious damage, we can restore your clothing with our garment restoration services

Trust us with your clothing and you will see why “Widmer’s Means Clean!”

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