Fur Cleaning 2Your fur coat is a costly investment in your personal style and comfort. But unless your coat is given the utmost care and attention, it may only last for a fraction of the time it was designed to last.

Most people are tempted to save a little money by storing the coat at home. This is generally a very bad idea, that could cost you the coat itself. Storing your coat at home leaves it vulnerable to damage in regard to privacy, security, and temperature fluctuations that can alter the coat’s composition.

Trust Widmer’s to maintain your coat’s brilliant shape and luster. With our professional climate controlled fur storage facility, your fur coat can last for decades and be passed on to future  generations. Here are the top 5 reasons to use Widmer’s fur storage for storing your fur coats.

1. Protection from humidity, dryness and mold

It requires a humidity and temperature controlled closet to protect a fur coat from mildew, moths and other pests. The ideal environment for storing fur coats is usually 40-50 degree Fahrenheit at 50% humidity with an adequate amount of air circulation. If these conditions are not met, it may result in moisture getting trapped in the fur fibers and resulting in irreparable damage to the coat. The moisture may also result in mold, causing an unpleasant smell.

At Widmer’s fur storage, we take great care to provide a healthy environment for your fur coat to remain in its excellent condition, so that you can wear it year after year.

2. Routine examination for damage

Your coat may show signs of wear and tear that are invisible to the untrained eye.  At Widmer’s fur storage, the professionals take extreme care to check for damage, and recommend repairs long before the point of no return. Damage is dealt with professionally and will not affect the normal use of your coat. .

3. Preservation

With time and usage, the fur on your coat may lose its appeal. At Widmer’s fur storage, we take every possible step to get your fur coat back to its new and elegant condition. The coat is also professionally cleaned with a special solution, to preserve the natural oils of the fur so that the coat will maintain its beautiful color for years.

4. Protection from theft, fire and water damage

At Widmer’s fur storage, the professionals help protect your coat against theft, fire, water and any other kinds of damage. Rest easy knowing your investment is safe in our storage facility.

5. Preparation for the next season

Widmer’s fur storage helps keep your fur coat clean and ready to use in the coming season. As quickly as time goes nowadays, the cooler weather will be here before you know it. But you will be ready for another season, enjoying your elegant, and luxurious fur coat, scrupulously cared for by Widmer’s professionals.

Widmer’s dry cleaning services inspects your clothing before it is cleaned and alerts you when we see something that needs to be repaired before cleaning.  Widmer’s can repair you clothing, and for instances of serious damage, we can restore your clothing with our garment restoration services

Trust us with your clothing and you will see why “Widmer’s Means Clean!”

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